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Season 2 FAQ
ImTrafton Admin Moderator Member
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3 months ago

Season 2 FAQ

Will my island be reset for Season 2?
Yes, your island and everything on it will be wiped.
Will my money be reset?
Yes, all of your stats will be reset, excluding Ranks & Gkits.


When does maintenance start?
The server will go down on Thursday @ 8:00 PM CST.
When does the server go back up?
The server will go up on Friday @ 3:00 PM CST.
Will there be a sale for Season 2?
The current sale of 75% will be active during the Season 2 release.


Will there be a premium version of the Battlepass?
Yes, there will be a premium version on our Store for $10.00 (Including Sale)


Will ranks have more perks in Season 2?
Yes, there are a few minor and one major perk update for ALL ranks
Will outpost be working for Season 2?
Unfortunately, I have yet to hear back from the developer so not currently.


Will crashes be fixed for Season 2?
I believe I have narrowed down the issue, me and Taco will be investigating/fixing this before Season 2 is released.


Will our islands have a different default look?
At the moment, all of our island defaults will remain the same.


Will all versions be able to join Season 2?
Java & Bedrock | Versions: 1.9-1.19


Do Island Top 1 Winners receive a tag?
Yes, you will receive a tag mentioning that you won that Season.

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oTabs Member
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3 months ago

I want to appeal for a unban, i dont even know why i got banned my ign is oTabs